• HY883 Thermal paste


This is a high quality thermal paste, suitable for CPU GPU RAM and anything requiring thermal paste on computers and game consoles, we specifically like it for our XBOX 360 consoles, it has a very good thermal conductivity that is on par with much more expensive brands like MX-4, there are more expensive variants out there with higher thermal conductivity but they are more suited to water cooling applications, the HY883 gives good performance whilst still being easy to apply.


Color: Grey
Density @ 20°C (g/ml): 2.3
Viscosity @ 1rpm (m.Pa s): 80,000(=80 Pa s)
Thermal Conductivity: 6.5W/m-K
Thermal Impedance: 0.0016 ℃-in2/W
Weight Loss after 96 hours @ 100°C: 0.1%
Permittivity @ 106Hz: 2.0
Volume Resistivity: 3.0 x 10 ×(Ohm.cm)
Dielectric Strength: 2.0KV/mm(Non-Electrical Conductive)
Working Temperature:-30~280 degree celsius
Silicone based.

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HY883 Thermal paste

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