One XBOX 360 slim that has had a glitch chip professionally installed to perform the RGH,  The console is fast booting, within 1-2 cycles.

The latest Aurora dash 07.1b is installed and the latest Dashlaunch. Three emulators with 1000's of games have been installed, these are, SNES (Super Nintendo entertainment system), SEGA Genesis (SEGA Mega drive) and MAME (Mutiple Arcade Machine Emulator). The emulators allow you to play retro arcade and console games as if you were playing them on the original equipment, there are other emulators for other consoles you can install yourself.

With this console you can back up your original games from disc or download them and extract to the HDD, the console is unbanned and whilst you CANT take an RGH console on live, if you install a stealth service  you can connect to live and play modded games.

The core system comes with a 250GB HDD only, the console itself will have been completely dismantled and washed, you wont find any nasty dirt or gunk in the crevices. The thermal paste will also be replaced and the fan will have been cleaned of any dust.

Whilst these are completely cleaned inside and out they are pre-owned consoles and will have cosmetic marks.

PLEASE NOTE: When you checkout with this item it will checkout as a refurbished build your own system, you will however receive the RGH console.

Upgrades available over core system:

  • 320GB/500GB/1TB/2TB
  • Power supplies and leads
  • Wireless controllers
  • USB Mod (This is an add on that is soldered to the inside of the console, it allows you to connect a USB flash drive or a USB HDD internally as extra storage upto 2TB)
  • LED mods
  • DVD drive flashed (Having the DVD firmware flashed allows the DVD drive to read backup disks you have created from your original disks)

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