One XBOX 360 PHAT that has had a Cool runner revC glitch chip installed to perform the Reset Glitch Hack (RGH), this allows you to run unsigned code, The console is instant booting.

The latest Aurora dash 07.1b is installed and the latest Dashlaunch. Three emulators with 1000's of games have been installed, these are, SNES (Super Nintendo entertainment system), SEGA Genesis (SEGA Mega drive) and MAME (Mutiple Arcade Machine Emulator). The emulators allow you to play retro arcade and console games as if you were playing them on the original equipment, there are other emulators for other consoles you can install yourself.

With this console you can back up your original games from disc or download the ones you own and extract to the HDD, the HDD is 120GB in size, you can also plug in any size external USB drive for additional space. The console is unbanned and whilst you CANT take an RGH console on live, if you install a stealth service like Atomstealth and purchase time from them you can go on live and play modded games like GTA5, there are free stealth services available but your KV will get banned pretty quickly. If required we can install the Atom stealth service for you which has its own dashboard, it would just leave you to purchase time.

We supply the console with an AV cable only, if we have spare HDMI cables they will be supplied instead, the controller will have been completely dismantled, washed and sterilised and any worn parts replaced so you find find any nasty finger and hand gunk in the crevices.

PLEASE NOTE: When you checkout with this item it will checkout as a refurbished console with cables, you will however receive the RGH console.

The package includes:

  • One RGH XBOX 360 slim with 120GB HHD
  • One wired controller
  • One AV cable or HDMI (if available)
  • One power supply & mains lead

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