JR programmer + FREE pinheader

This is the JR programmer. the cheaper successor to the NAND X, With the JR programmer you get fast read/writes on XBOX 360 NAND, this programmer is also capable of programming your diagnostic chips like the Cool runner REVC, ACE V3, ACE V4.1, ACE V5, Matrix v1, Matrix v3 and many others. It also has the ability to program custom start up and eject sounds the the XBOX 360

Comes with a free pinheader for easy solderless connection to chips.

You will need a MINI USB (NOT MICRO USB) to USB cable to connect this to your PC, this is not provided with the package, they are a common USB and usually you will find one in a drawer somewhere !

Do not let the pins on the back come in contact with metal as this can fry the programmer, we suggest you isolate the back of it with some Kapton tape or other insulating tape or covering. These are also known to get stuck in bootloader mode if you toogle the switch, if this happens and you get the red led constantly lit then you will need to reflash the firmware to get it out of boot loader mode, this can be done in jrunner and the firmware is included in jrunner

*Fast NAND Programming
*Fast XILINX CR JTAG Programming
*SONOS sound programming
*Compatible with all CoolRunners & X360 ACE, MATRIX
*Supports Full Post Monitoring
*Compatible with both Phat and Slim
*Onboard LED's indicate Power & Data
*Easy Install System
*Compatible with All NAND-X QSB's
*Includes KIOSK option for Remote On
*Built-in Programmer For Future Firmware Upgrades
*Designed for the latest J-Runner App 
*Rock Solid Design
*High Quality & Trusted TX Design

*1 X J-R Programmer V2
*1 X Cable For reading and writing of NAND
*1 X Cable For programming your glitch chip + pin header

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JR Programmer V2

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